Moving Forward

Navigating through uncharted waters without a compass carries great and significant risk, and no greater certainty is provided by attempts to survive in today’s business environment without a plan.

Almost two and a half years ago, we attempted to minimize risk by developing a kind of map if you will, the Imagine a Greater Montgomery five year strategic plan to address four key goals: Champion Public Education and Build a Competitive Workforce; Strengthen the Regional Economy; Transform Montgomery’s Image; and Embrace Diversity and Enhance Leadership Capacity. Being about half way through the strategy’s time line and immersed in the most difficult economy any of us have ever faced, we felt it necessary and appropriate to revisit our strategy to update our map, so to speak, for the last half of this operating cycle. In the coming months you will see more about the changes in or focuses on the tactics our business and elected leaders feel are necessary as we work to improve the economic well-being and quality of life of the businesses and citizens of Montgomery and the River Region.

Among many interesting articles and reports in this issue: we celebrate Hyundai’s incredible achievements under the adverse conditions found in today’s automotive markets; we proudly portray the wonderful strengths of our highly diverse society and how we are moving beyond simple diversity recognition to engagement and inclusiveness; and we present the views of our hospital leaders on our region’s health care challenges and opportunities as that key issue takes political center stage across the nation.

I hope that you enjoy reading this issue of the Montgomery Business Journal as much as we enjoyed its development. It would not be possible without your strong support and I thank you so very much for your continued confidence in the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce.

Randall L. George, Publisher
President, Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce